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Expungement Law is Different for Every State

Every state has enacted its own laws regarding what parts of a person's criminal history can be sealed or expunged. The differences in the law will encompass not only which crimes may or may not be expunged but also the associated wait periods. State law may also specify different criteria upon which a judge will base his or her decision to expunge a record, including the reasons a person wants to expunge his or her criminal record, the factors surrounding the original criminal incident, whether the individual received some form of differed adjudication, and how the person has lived his or her life since the time the record was created. The judges of each state will look at these issues differently.

Free Eligibility Test from RecordGone.com

The best way to be certain you have the best and most current information is to consult with a criminal attorney specializing in expungements for your state. RecordGone.com offers a free eligibility test and live support. To research the specific expungement law for a state, select from the available states below or from the navigation bar to the left at any time while visiting RecordsExpunged.com.


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