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Expunging your Arizona Criminal Record

Employers in Arizona perform Criminal Background Checks

Having an Arizona conviction on your record can keep you from moving on with your life. With more than 80% of employers performing background checks, obtaining a job with a record is more difficult than ever. Under Arizona law, a person’s criminal justice information may be exchanged with any individual for any lawful purpose, so long as the subject’s fingerprints and an appropriate fee are submitted.

A person may not automatically be disqualified from employment by Arizona or any of its agencies or political subdivisions, nor shall a person whose civil rights have been restored be disqualified to engage in any occupation for which a license, permit or certificate is required to be issued by this state solely because of a prior conviction for a felony or misdemeanor within or without this state. However, a person may be denied employment based on a prior conviction if the offense has a reasonable relationship to the functions of the employment or occupation.

Set Aside your Arizona Criminal Record to Move On with your Career

Having your Arizona record set asidefrees you from your past mistakes and allows you to move on with your life and career. Under Arizona law, an employer may not use a record that has been set aside and should not be able to even locate it. A person who has had his or her record set aside does not have to disclose the fact that the arrest or conviction occurred.

Are you Eligible to Set Aside your Arizona Criminal Record?

To be eligible, you must have completed all the terms of your sentence. The easiest way to determine if you are eligibile is to take RecordGone.com's free eligibility test here or by clicking on the image below.

Free Eligibility Test from RecordGone.com

If an employer in Arizona hires a company to do a background check on me, how far back it look on my record?

Arizona offers no protections other than those under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Consumer reporting agencies may deliver reports showing all of a person’s convictions and all arrests that occurred over the 7 years prior to the report.

How far back can an employer in Arizona look on my record if he or she personally looks into my criminal history?

Complete criminal history records may be exchanged with criminal justice agencies of the federal government, Indian tribes, the state of Arizona or its political subdivisions and other states, specifically for the purposes of the administration of criminal justice and for evaluating the fitness of current and prospective criminal justice employees. Noncriminal justice agencies may also receive criminal history records for the purposes of evaluating the fitness of current or prospective licensees, employees, contract employees or volunteers, on submission of the subject's fingerprints and the prescribed fee. A number of additional entities are also entitled to receive criminal history information, including the state board of education for the purpose of evaluating the fitness of a certificated teacher or administrator, each school district and charter school for the state, and the child protective services division of the department of economic security.

Additionally, records kept by the Arizona courts are easy to access and available to the public. The website maintained for public access to court case information provides information about court cases from 153 out of the 180 courts in Arizona. The information available includes detailed case information including the case type, charges, and filing and disposition dates.


Applicable Law to Expunge your Arizona Conviction

Free Eligibility Test from RecordGone.com

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